This inventory is designed for Church Staffs.
Please select the answer that best describes your response to each statement.
Your first instinct is usually the best answer.
1. I rely on the Holy Spirit to know how to lead in my areas.
2. I like "infecting" a group with joy and energy.
3. I am good at organizing and managing.
4. I mentor young leaders.
5. I am growing deeper in my knowledge of Scripture.
6. I am good at reading the energy level of a crowd.
7. I help our church move its ministry beyond its walls.
8. I work closely with a strong group of lay leaders.
9. I have an extended time of daily prayer.
10. I often adjust my talk because of the response of the audience.
11. My job is to get people organized and moving forward in the same direction.
12. I invest significant time encouraging and training the leaders I work with.
13. I look for new ways to increase the group spirit of our church.
14. I take plenty of time to cultivate my spiritual life.
15. My ministry areas have a clear and compelling ministry plan.
16. I articulate a clear vision for the future of our church.
17. My devotional life is rich and fulfilling.
18. I love attending a good party.
19. I welcome it when someone points out a weakness in me.
20. A great meeting is when we get something concrete accomplished.
21. I consciously follow Jesus' example in my daily life.
22. I am gifted at expressing love.
23. I don't just want to help someone; I want to solve their root problem.
24. On Sundays lay people cast vision by publicly sharing their ministry experiences.
25. I love listening to deep sermons.
26. I keep in close touch with my many friends and acquaintances.
27. I delegate tasks to others.
28. I can plan the sequence of activities that will complete a project.
29. I often send encouraging emails and notes.
30. I am driven to get projects finished.
31. I encourage people by reminding them of their gifts and talents.
32. I like being challenged to go deeper in Christ.
33. I lead by connecting with people's hearts.
34. My primary goal in life is to advance the Kingdom of God.
35. When I speak I diligently study sermon text.
36. I am happy to carry the 'weight' of leadership.
37. I am known for asking questions.
38. I am good at foreseeing what is needed in the future.
39. I have strong emotional intelligence.
40. I practice many of the spiritual disciplines.
41. I have a person who regularly holds me accountable for my personal and spiritual life.
42. I have strong leadership instincts.
43. I am diligent at keeping up with essential administrative tasks.
44. I watch to see which ministry leaders produce lasting fruit.
45. In the last two years I have grown significantly in knowing how to lead.
46. Reading and analyzing financial reports comes easily to me.
47. I am good at gathering and connecting people.
48. I have strong spiritual instincts.

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